This is a picture of my two boys and I doing our favorite thing....Camping out!
This shot taken in the BigHorn Mts. in Wyoming, not far from the Medicine wheel.

I retired from Ford Motor 98. I started my career at Ford,
in data processing, which is what I had been doing in the Air Force..
So I have been involved with computers in one form or another since 1964..
My interest in personal computers started with the Vic-20 and has led to my
addiction with 3D computer graphics, and the internet.

I attended Oakland Community College both Orchard Ridge and Royal Oak campuses
for my ceramics training, and studied glass blowing at the Center of Creative Studies,
in Detroit, for several years. This led to building my own studio and exhibiting
in a number of art fairs and galleries, including the Habitat Galleries..
At this time my son and I are building our own glass studio.

I built my own house in 1988, and this involved working with wood more and
more as time went on. Many of the pictures on this site are woodwork items in my
own home. As you can see this has led me into various type of furniture..

I have tried to keep this site as simple as possible, so it can be viewed on any browser.
If you have any problems, please E-mail me
let me know what browser you have and what problems that you see.

Thanks for dropping by and viewing my site..